GiGs WiGs 1.0

Week 1-

PHEW! Finally getting around to doing this!! (MUCH EXCITE) “GiGs WiGs” is going to be a once a week post mentioning all the great many local gigs/ music releases happening in and around the city!

I am doing this for myself. For the music I like, for the artists I love and the people who need to know about it. Hope I can do justice to this. And I hope you like what you read and continue to support me!

Keep scrolling to know what’s in store this week!



First up! NEW VIDEO! Headed by the main man himself, Siddharth Basrur, RUNT promises to be like nothing he’s done before. After the genius that is Goddess Gagged, and numerous other project he’s been a part of , RUNT’s newest video, features the track ‘Wiped Out’ from RUNT’s debut EP- “Rhymes with”.






One thing I can safely say about Daira is that they will leave you with an experience you will not be able to forget. There’s a lot I could say about them but I’d rather you experience the journey with them instead.

To watch them, make sure you head on to HRC Andheri tomorrow. Where they will be playing BRAND NEW material from their latest 16 track album – “Vipreet Buddhi”

WHERE: HRC Andheri.

WHEN: 25th January. 8:30pm onwards.


daira gig.jpg





Bangalore’s most loved Toit is now in Bombay! (YAYY BEER) Their new property showcasing local artists is called “Indie Nights” First up on this list of gigs are the garage rock trio all the way from Chennai – SKRAT. If you’re looking to beat those lazy Sunday blues then SKRAT is JUST what you need to PUMP you up for the rest of the week.

Another great part is that the gig ends by 10pm, so more time to recover = Happy Monday morning.. (IF THERE IS SUCH A THING)

P.S Entry for 21 and above only (CAUSE ITS A BAR GUYS DUH)


WHEN: 28th January. 7pm onwards.

ENTRY: Rs.500/- which INCLUDES a glass of Toit beer!






Another option this Thursday is the property “Nights Like This” a gig curated by SANA. If you want to have a chill sesh with your best buds, with some good alcohol and food to wipe out that mid-week rut you’re in, then you CANNOT pass up this gig featuring KRUNK artist Kumail and also BEN YUGEN.

WHERE: Hopscotch – Bar & Brasserie, Bandra West

WHEN: 25th January. 10pm onwards.





That’s all from “GiGs WiGs” this week.

Make sure you let me know what you think in the comments below. And also if there’s anything you think I missed and should include here.

See you next week for MORE gigs! #judaaseejudaado


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