GiGs WiGs 6.0


GiGs WiGs” is a once a week post mentioning all the great many local home-grown gigs and music releases happening in and around the city!
I do this for the music I like, the artists I love and the people who need to know about it. Hope I can do justice to this. And I hope you like what you read and continue to support me!
Keep scrolling to know what’s in store this week!


Real, Relevant and Ranti –

We, of the social media age, either have precipitated in or been on the receiving end of rants. Rants that matter, rants that don’t and some rants that are plain stupid.

Laxmi Bomb has dropped their 3rd in line but FIRST full-length album. Out NOW, the ‘Bol Na Ranti’ album with that SHUT UP AND LISTEN kinda feel is exactly what these 4 boys from Bombay are about.

The electro-pop act, Laxmi Bomb, has upped their game and pulled off the mother of all rants and just like every other rant that matters, you CAN NOT ignore this either.

Check ‘Bol Na Ranti’ a banging new album, still being true to their sound as a Bollywood’esque electro pop dance act, that’ll get you off your feet with an agenda 😉




A Daydream Away –

Catch electronic/dance act Sandunes, for the Mumbai leg of her ‘Nola Daydream’ Tour with supporting act Ape Echoes, who will be performing with a hybrid set-up in Khar this week.

Tickets available at the gate –

Before 10:30pm: Rs. 300
After 10:30pm: Rs. 500

Though, the venue serves beer, this event is BYOB! YAAAY. So, can buy mixers and food at the venue and come equipped with your fav liquor of choice.

WHERE: Above the Habitat, Khar.

WHEN: 1st March.

ENTRY: – RS. 300-RS.500




Slow Down this weekend-

This week we have Slow Down Clown, an indie band hailing from Bombay. They will be playing a mix of punk, alternative rock and an over all chilled down set. They play as part of Toit’s weekly property, ‘Indie Nights’. As usual entry will be inclusive of a cover and gates will open at 7pm. This gig DOES start on time so make sure you are there on time!

Since it is a bar, no entry for those under 21 years of age. Tickets available at the gate!

WHERE: Toit, Mumbai.

WHEN: 4th March.

ENTRY: RS.500 inclusive of a RS.251 cover.

slow down.jpg



Will three be better than one?

The uber cool, chocolate boy Dhruv Visvanath from Delhi, will be playing this week at ‘Live At The Quarter’ from 9pm onwards.

A man of many talents, Dhruv is usually center-stage with nothing but his guitar. This time around, catch him along with Rohan Rajadhyaksha on Keys and Ajay Jayanthi on Violins for an exciting new set up.


WHERE: Live At The Quarter

WHEN: 1st March.

ENTRY: RS.749.




Mix it up!

The Mixtaped Night’s at The Den has been a weekly party central for a long time now! Showcasing a BIG range of DJ’s and artists that wipe off your mid-week blues and help you face off the rest of your work week. Starting at 10 pm, the show gives you plenty of time to wrap up work, grab your best bud and head on over for a great time!

Join the mid- week madness TONIGHT, with no entry fee, affordable alcohol and great food all around. This week they have one-half of Chillumafia, DJ Damon all the way for Poland.

WHERE: The Den, Bandra.

WHEN: 28th Feb.





That’s all from “GiGs WiGs” this week.!

Make sure you let me know what you think in the comments below. And also if there’s anything you think I missed and should include here.

See you next week for MORE GiGs! #judaaseejudaado


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